Roman Klis Design was founded by Roman Klis at the end of 1995 in the proximity of Herrenberg. Despite or perhaps because of the unusual location at the edge of the Black Forest, creative ideas developed within the shortest time in the small design thinktank. At the beginning of 1997, the agency won the worldwide pitch for one of the ten most important food brands – the Nescafé coffee brand. The first big milestone in the history of Roman Klis Design. Enterprises from all over the world now became aware of the agency in the small, romantic half-timbered town, south of Stuttgart. International corporations, such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive and Bayer, but also medium-sized enterprises, such as the private brewery Licher, Schladerer or Käfer Delicatessen became customers of Roman Klis Design.

Much has happened since those days. The agency is one of the first addresses for brand design in Europe with customers around the globe. Nowadays more than 60 permanently employed staff members and 15 freelancers – graphic designers, lithographers, industrial designers, web designers, business economists, architects and photographers – work in interdisciplinary teams with much commitment and highest quality pretensions for the success of customers and products. Because if they are successful, the agency is too. The passion for their own profession is the motor to get to the point where others are confronted with their limitations. Completely in terms of the agency slogan:

Design with passion.